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Bow Tie Styles

When it comes to fashion we all like a little variety, which is why we have so many ways to tie a necktie. Since there’s only one way to tie a bow tie, the different shapes helps set each style apart from one another. Here are the bow tie shapes you should familiarize yourself with.

Butterfly Bow Tie

The Butterfly

The butterfly shape is also called the islet shape. It is the most conventional style familiar to most people. This is probably because it is compatible with most face shapes whether square or round. Its versatility and suitability for almost all occasions is what makes it very popular. The butterfly is about 2.3 inched high. It is easy to tie and therefore recommended for those men who have just started wearing bow ties. Every man who has ever worn a bow tie will confess to ever sporting the butterfly at one point in his life.

Big Butterfly Bow Tie

The Big Butterfly

The big butterfly is more relaxed and larger in size than the butterfly. Measuring 3 inches in height, it is perfect extremely formal occasions complete with a stylish tuxedo. If you don’t mind looking somewhat cheeky then this is the perfect bow tie for you.

Batwing Bow Tie

The Batwing

This shape is also goes by the name of slim or straight bow tie. It is the shortest in height. Unfortunately it won’t make you look like batman but it will definitely make you slightly resemble The Godfather’s Don Corleone.It looks almost like a long rectangular ribbon with flattened ends when untied. Less than 2 inches in height, this style is perfect for that modern trendy look. It is not as formal as the Butterfly but can still be worn for formal events with a black tie dress code.

Diamond Tip Bow Tie

The Diamond Tip

This shape is gaining popularity at a seemingly fast rate. Its edges are not flat like the other styles. They are pointed so as to give it its diamond shape. Its asymmetric look when tied adds a bit of gist to the self-tied bow tie. The diamond is a very stylish style that is not often seen but is gaining immense popularity.

Round Club Bow Tie

The Rounded Club

This is the rarest of them all. Just like the name states, this type of bow tie has rounded ends instead of flattened ones. If you know you are coy and reserved, this style might not be for you for its very unique.

Many people may ask themselves which of the mentioned styles suit them best. Choosing what bow tie to wear is more of a personal decision based on your tastes and preferences as compared to what fashion rules state. In as much as some styles will agree well with the shape of your face, it wouldn’t hurt getting out of your comfort zone and trying other styles. Pick what you feel most comfortable in.

Image Credits: Skinny Vinny | Nathanial & Randolph| Bedford & Broome | The Cordial Churchman


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